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eWineDine - Restaurant eMenu

Digital eWineDine is a kind of Restaurant App that operates brilliantly on any Smart Phones and Tablet Application. Designed perfectly for the Restaurant Industry.

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Today's Special | Special Dish of the day

Digital eMenu Application permits you to set and manage the special Dish of the day with ease through the Restaurant POS System.

Innovation that welcomes Tablet Dining Experience through the Digital iMenu

Say Good Bye to Static Restaurant Paper Menu and Get a Digital Dining Experience at Restaurants

Restaurant eMenu - Branding

eWineDine iMenu Application allows every digitalized restaurant to customize the format of the Restaurant Menu so as to reflect on the nature and image of the Hotel and Restaurant Android Menus. This requires no IT involvement and has been developed with easy operation. Build a brand of your restaurant through Restaurant Digital Menu.

Restaurant eMenu - Educational

Through the Tablet Menu, it facilitates the Hotel and Restaurant Managers to enrich the Interactive Electronic Menu by providing additional and entirely significant informations about the restaurant meals. Health informations like amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins etc and use of ingredients to prepare each meal can be accommodated within the app.

Restaurant iMenu - Saves Time

Digital Restaurant eWineDine Menu maximizes your customer engagement in a simple and easy way. Android Restaurant App permits every diner to transmit the meal orders from the tablet to the integrated Restaurant POS System. This facilitates faster services and enhances the revenue of the business by maximizing table utilizations.

eWineDine Android Menu with more Exclusive Features

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    Finger Touch Digital Menu

    eWineDine Digital Menu enables customer engagement and improves the Menu Ordering System by satisfying to the need of the customers.

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    Easy To Update

    Frequent Price Change or Image or Content is now easy from back-end and is automatically updated to all eWineDine Digital Menu.

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    Multi-Language Menu

    Allows you to Change the Language as per Customer's Convenience. It can be in Hindi, English or any other Languages.

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