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eWineDine eMenu Features

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Easy Setup

eWineDine Application is very simple and unique and also, it is having functionality of self explanatory to use. Menu items can be organized categorically such as Beverages, Starters, Lunch, Deserts and Dinner. Each item is described with images, video, ingredients, calories and spice level. The systematic categorization of the menu allows you to easily browse and search for your desired dish.

Structured Menu

eWineDine Digital Menu very well knows that no two restaurants have the same format of menu. So it allows any form and depth of hierarchy. Each restaurant even can determine the names of each category. It's upto the restaurant whether to use the name Appetizers or Starters, Main Courses or Main Eateries or anything else they like. This will facilitate them to use their own creative ideas to attract and excite customer’s attention.

High Resolution Images

Diners will love seeing the High-quality Digital images of the dishes on the Digital Menu. With eWineDine App, each dish is presented with a clear and colorful view of every dish on the Food Menu.

Call Waiter

Digital EMenu allows the diner to summon a waiter simply by touching the Call Waiter Button on the homepage or the order page. Now for the customer, there is no need of waving hands or screaming so to catch the attention of one of the waiters.

Multiple Languages

Digital EMenu gives you multiple language options with crystal clear images to see and know more about a menu item. This helps to understand a dish in a better way for a foreign customer.

Order Submitting

Digital EMenu allows diners to transmit their orders directly from the Customer tabs to the integrated restaurant's POS system. (This service helps restaurant owner to monitor all the tables' order status and status of the orders -i.e. order accepted, order under process, order served to table). The app includes a suitable confirmation steps, ensuring that diners don't accidentally order the wrong, or too many dishes.

Add Notes to Your Order

You can add notes for the chef and kitchen staff. This facility allows the customers to get what they want in a more personalized way. Customers can provide valuable inputs to kitchen staff for making their dishes.

Highlight Offers and Discounts

Display the hot and special offers of the day with a separate icon in the menu. Today's Special or day's special can be easily highlighted. It can also highlight the items which are being ordered maximum number of times on a particular day. It records every single minute of the day.

Instant Ordering and Payment

Matchless precision saves customers' valuable time and enhances hotel and restaurant services and quality. Amazing and pleasant Ordering experiences remains with the customers all the time even after waiters leave once the order is placed. The customers can choose to place additional orders or generate their bills without waiting for a waiter to attend them.

Social Interaction

Digital EMenu allows every guest to post their orders or liked items on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc directly from the tablet. One can also communicate with their friends and share their views about the restaurant or any food items.

Message Broadcast

This feature is applicable for the restaurant owners only. With this, they can forecast on the customer's tab about the events happening in the restaurant like "Happy hours" time frame, Birthday announcement of the guest in the restaurant or last order timing on weekdays and weekends.

Brand Building

It improves your business image. Syncing your social networks to your website really simplifies things. Start by connecting your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to your official website. This automatically and effortlessly will show every social media updates that you make right on your official page.