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eWineDine has many exciting features ...

Digital Flexible Menu

Paper Restaurant Menu has a disadvantage of making any changes or updating the prices of any food Menus. Re-printing the Restaurant Food Menu is the only option and it requires lot of money. Tablet Digital E-Menu App brings solution to this issue. It enables the users to make desired changes on the tab or back-end instantly. Removal of the out-of-the-stock dishes (sold out, not available due to seasons etc.) is now a click away.


Electronic Call Waiter

Digital eWineDine Application allows the diners to summon upon a waiter for any assistance by touching the Call Waiter Button on the screen of the Digital Menu Application. So, there is no more need for the customers waving hands in order to catch any restaurant staffs’ attention to take the orders. eCall Waiter Button helps you integrate with the restaurant staffs easily.


Digital Multi-Menu

It allows you to easily scroll down to the varied category meals in a single click. Every guest can switch on from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, from breakfast to lunch to dinner or from an alcoholic drink to any non-alcoholic drinks. It is not only bounded by the categories of Online Restaurant Food Menu instead it has several other attractive menus installed already on the Tablet App.



Restaurant owners can easily generate different metrics from our system to track their sales, billing, payment, feedback and profit and loss of the business on daily basis and also most desired food items amongst the customers. eMenu helps them to record every single detail of the activity. It is certain that the work of the managers is extremely made easy and comfortable by the Restaurant Mobile App.


Multilingual Menu

It supports Multilingual Food Menu that enhances the Online Food Ordering System of the customers. This helps the diners to read the food menu content in the customer’s Native Language. The support of the Interactive Multiple Languages Menu absolutely eradicates the communication barriers between the customers and the restaurant staffs.



eWineDine iMenu Application is very affordable and risk free. We provide different parameters of the app pricing which is directly influenced and linked to the customers’ choice and their requirements. Restaurant Mobile App can easily be downloaded for free.

What do you get?
  • We Provide Quality

    Provide new experiences to the customers, with high resolution food image and videos. Know your customer requirement in better way so that you can provide best services to them and in return you can expect customer loyalty.

  • Security

    Restaurant data and customer data are safe, You have the complete data of customer now, by this you can provide them extra services also.

  • 360 Degree Solution

    Digital Menu, Ordering, Billing & Payment and customer social interaction with friends all types of solution is at one place.

  • Customer Delight

    Take Away Menu, Table Joining among friends having lunch or dinner from outside the restaurant, Food Sharing, Social Posting, Message Broadcasting of Marriage Anniversary or Birthday within Restaurant all these events can be possible with this eWineDine.

  • Expertise

    We provide solution to food industry to grow their business to next level with eWineDine which bring happiness in the food loving community.

  • Automated Designs

    We know that not all the restaurant will have requirement of all the features of eWineDine, It is made in such a way that weather you choose all or some features of the product, Tablets will act accordingly and in professional way.

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